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Untangling the Headphone Cord Dilemma

July 19th, 2011 | Posted in About

I’m guessing you’ve been here before. You’re getting ready to work out – your favorite workout duds are on, your water bottle is good to go. Then you reach for your MP3 player for that musical motivation – and your headphone cord is – once again – a tangled mess. Your options: waste precious minutes untangling, workout with an unsightly tangled mess hanging from your ears, or go (heaven forbid) without music.

For me the daily run is just not the same without my favorite tunes keeping me going. My running minutes are more than fat-burning stress reduction – they are a musical sanctuary that keeps the rest of the world at bay while I focus on the simple joy of covering the miles one step at a time. After too many minutes of my precious workout time were wasted facing the tangled cord challenge, and after trying a number of not-good-enough solutions to the problem, I decided to sit down and come up with a solution myself. At first the goal was to make a practical clip to solve this issue — but it later developed into a sleek and patent-waiting product. I have called it ClipE.

I am a stickler for efficiency in all aspects of my life; years as a professional pilot taught me that having all systems checked and ready to go, in easy reach and in top working form, made all the difference for getting the plane off the ground safely and smoothly. In the cockpit, having cords in the way is just not an option, and it was here that I found the inspiration for the ClipE’s unique design.

Running is one of my preferred workouts, but whether I’m weight lifting, stretching, cycling or cardio-dancing, headphone cords should keep the music in my ears rather than weighing me down or getting in the way — so that I can focus on doing my exercise moves properly, getting my heart rate up, testing my limits and having fun.

The ClipE is designed to not only keep the cords away, but also become a sort of fashion statement in its own right. It’s like a symbol for the love of athletes, the love of music and the love of life.

I’m delighted with the results, and I hope you find the ClipE as useful in your workouts as I do. Please leave a comment and let me know how music fits into your workouts!

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