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Headphone Cord Management Finally Done Right

July 16th, 2011 | Posted in About

Once again necessity is the mother of invention.

I guess you can say that it all started with the fact that I love listening to music while I work out. I remember that I was learning to become a personal trainer and increasing my running when the iPod came on the market back in late 2001. I could have my own personal music selections piped directly into my ears – revolutionary! Needless to say it quickly became my closest workout companion, keeping me motivated and moving.

It’s been a good 10 years since then, and life has been an exciting journey. Sometimes I obsess over organization and productivity, and even small delays and snags become an important challenge to solve.  It didn’t take me long to notice that when I worked out at the gym, I would sometimes catch the headphone cord on something while picking up dumbbells. When I ran, the cord swung around and tugged at my ears. If you’ve ever had it happen you would know that it is VERY annoying.

Enter, Ah-Ha Moment. By trade I am a professional pilot, and one day while flying I connected the dots. In the cockpit there’s a clip on our headphones that secures the cord so it doesn’t get caught in the flight controls and become a hazard. Stopping headphones cords in a stylish and discreet way from getting caught on things – what a great idea.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong.
I had looked around for other options that might be available. But I wanted something reliable, unobtrusive, easy to use, and – it’s true, I’ll admit to the fashion diva inside me – it needed to be stylish. It’s got to go with my favorite running gear, right?

And thus ClipE was born. It took a few months from conceptualizing and design sketches to prototyping to production. I loved every part of the journey and am so delighted to finally see it in the market. I created the ClipE for all of us who hate that swinging cord when they run or have had their earphone cords pulled out at the gym. It’s for all of us who listen to music doing household chores, riding on public transportation, or walking to class.

Ongoing effort. I hope to keep iterating the design to make it better for all of the people who have supported me so far and the countless people who will be using it in their lives. The face-plate design will eventually also be designed and voted by our fan community so that we can keep it fresh, relevant and creative.

I’d love to hear what you think of it! Please, leave a comment below, and connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

2 Responses to “Headphone Cord Management Finally Done Right”

  1. I really like it! What a great idea for an issue suffered by literally billions of people…I’m sure you’ll sell millions!

  2. Hi Ben,

    Thanks so much for your positive thoughts and feedback. I’m so glad that you like it.

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