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A Closer Look at the ClipE

August 19th, 2011 | Posted in About

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant.

Music is a major motivator for me while I work out. Having my earbuds slip out of my ears constantly while moving around was a distraction I didn’t need. When I noticed the efficiency of how the cable clips in my cockpit kept wires where they needed to be, I started looking at how they were constructed and adapted these ideas to the ClipE. Today I want to give you a brief overview of how the ClipE works, and share some glimpses of our current design collection.

It Has Good Teeth

The two wires that attach to each headphone go neatly in channels on the back of the ClipE with just enough tension so they will stay where you want them, but can also be adjusted for comfort easily. The super teeth keep a grip on your clothing without damaging it.

I like to wear my ClipE on the neckline of my shirt, but it can be attached to clothing anywhere that is comfortable for you. You can then adjust how much slack the cord has between the ClipE and the earbuds so there is sufficient range of motion for your head and neck. From there you can run the wire that plugs in to your MP3 Player either over or under clothing to an arm band, a pocket or wherever you hold your music. Either way the cord won’t be flopping around and getting in your way.

8 Designs and Counting

Small though it may be, design was also an important consideration. The face-plate now has 8 different designs and comes in three colors to give you great options for your personal style.

For those preferring a more masculine look, the solid black, skull and star designs might be the best choice. Those with more feminine tastes will like the solid pink, solid white and white with a delicate blue flower pattern on the face-plate.

The ClipE logo, available on either a white or black background, has a great modern feel to it, and soccer enthusiasts will enjoy the soccer ball design.

We’ll be coming up with more designs in the near future, and we’re hoping you’ll be able to help us out with that. What kinds of designs would you like to see? Leave a comment below, we’re dying to know!

We Go When You Go

The ClipE can easily be stored right along with your earbuds for use any time you need it. With your earbuds firmly in place you can enjoy your tunes whether you run, jog, cycle, rock climb, or lift weights. But don’t forget that when you’re doing housekeeping, laundry and yard work chores, or just walking to work, the ClipE can be there to do its job!

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